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ITO and Waide Study : The Highlights

In August 2018 a study accomplished under the authority of the European Commission DG Energy, addressed the setting up of a smart readiness indicator for buildings and the related impacts assessment. This study was intended to provide technical support to the Directorate-General for Energy of the European Commission services in order to feed the discussions on the definition and provision of a smart readiness indicator for buildings.

The smart ready technologies referenced in this study are considered to be active components which could potentially:

  • raise energy efficiency and comfort by increasing the level of controllability of the technical building systems – either by the occupant or a building manager or via a fully automated building control system;

  • facilitate the energy management and maintenance of the building including via automated fault detection;

  • automate the reporting of the energy performance of buildings and their TBS (automated and real time inspections);

  • use advanced methods such as data analytics, self-learning control systems and model predictive control to optimize building operations.

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