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Euphyia Tech Ltd

Smart, smarter, smartest. Smart cities, smart buildings, smart devices. At Euphyia, we’re passionate about delivering innovative solutions that will disrupt the building industry and make our buildings smarter. We provide a high-quality range of services and products related to the smart readiness of buildings, and as we grow, our commitment to quality remains the key driving force behind our Start-Up.

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Originating from the Greek word euphyia (ευφυΐα), meaning intelligence, Euphyia Tech Ltd is a start-up, aiming to be at the forefront of buildings smartness assessment. Euphyia Tech Ltd is hosted under the Gravity Ventures incubation program (

With Executive Management possessing a mixture of experience and backgrounds of Engineering, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Research and Development, Euphyia Tech, is deeply committed to ESG principles and is looking to be part of the decarbonisation process, whilst creating superior returns for its stakeholders.

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"Smart-Ready-Go! ®", Euphyia's debut product, is an advanced application that can be used for the definition the intelligent readiness of buildings. The application will be available in different formats and to different users, and will enable, through different approaches, the rating of the intelligence of buildings and building systems. In the backend of the application will be the methodology developed by the European Commission for the definition of SRI, as well as additional indicators, which will be applied depending on the category of the building. A set of indicators related to the smart performance of buildings in case of lock downs and quarantines will also be developed and integrated into Smart-Ready-Go! ®

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New Service by Euphyia


Euphyia Tech launches a brand new, innovative service for organizations in Europe: the Smart Readiness Audit. Owners and managers of buildings of all types can have their buildings inspected to determine their intelligence, and receive a report and certificate regarding the Smart Readiness Indicators of their buildings. The report includes recommendations and suggestions for upgrading the smartness of their buildings, as well as a feasibility assessment of the suggestions.

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2, Theodorou Kolokotroni Street Engomi, Nicosia 2408, Cyprus


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